Everything grows here!! it is said that if you lean your walking stick against an outside wall at night, it will be a tree in the morning!!

That’s East Africa, our safari domain. Consisting of the 04 countries:(Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda). We operate custom made: Safaris in Kenya, Safaris in Tanzania & Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Located along the Equatorial climatic zone, the region enjoys an invigorating safari friendly climate all year round.

We cut a niche in the safari circles by principally taking care of the private family safaris, Individual travelers Safaris and up-market safari needs. Through innovative planning of your safari by keen professionals, our objective is to provide you, a discerning traveler with an enriching safari experience of a life time and still promote a less impacting, community supportive and eco-friendly tourism, with use of the exclusive Luxury Tented safari Camps / safari Lodges in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

We nevertheless have a selection of medium budget safaris and standard budget safaris, which would be-fit any safari seeker and whose accommodations are based on standard safari Lodges, very competitively priced and classified as 03 to 05 stars by the local Tourism Authorities.

Our safari Guides are picked from seasoned safari professionals with numerous years of field guiding experience, excellent customer care skills and wealth of knowledge on East Africa wildlife and fauna.

We take pleasure in hosting you through our intense tours of the East African varied safari attractions and relaxing visits to the historical Coastal towns of Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi, Dar es Salaam & Zanzibar, located along the coast of the blue green Indian Ocean with white sandy beaches and bustling songs of the birds!.

Africa awaits for you!!!!